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Imperial Hall

Modern and refined, the Imperial Room has a capacity for 3790 people (modulable).
He meets  events with up to 2200 people seated, with a mezzanine for over 250 guests and a covered outdoor area overlooking the natural lagoon for over 450 people.
Combining a rustic and modern style, characteristic of our region, it is extremely versatile for different types of parties and events, with:
  •   Fixed standardized stage
  • Two dressing rooms with private bathrooms;
  • Three Industrial Climatizers;
  •   24-hour security camera system and  alarms;
  • Sound insulation systems;
  • Ample parking with capacity for up to 1500 cars 
  • Free wifi internet.
  • Six sets of toilets;
  • Two cold rooms for the kitchen;
  • Two large kitchens, standardized for a better buffet service.
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